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СКИ СКOК, СВЕТОВНА КУПА. Българинът Владимир Зографски се представи отлично в състезанието по ски-скокове на голяма шанца от Световната купа в Енгелберг.

Vladimir Zografski (BUL), 15.12.2012, Engelberg, Switzerland, photo: FIS

Еър Владко се класира на 10-о място със скокове от 130,5 и 128,5 метра и с актив от 255,9 точки постигна второто си най-добро класиране в своята кариера.

Победата грабна австриецът Андреас Кофлер със скокове от 131,0 и 136,5 метра и актив от 272,6 точки. Втори остана лидерът след първия скок Камил Стох от Полша със опити от 132,5 и 134,0 метра и актив от 272,5 точки. Третото място спечели австриецът със скокове от 134,0 и 132,0 и 268,1 точки.

С това 10-о място Владимир Зографски спечели 26-точки за Световната купа и се изкачи на 26-то място във временното класирани с 58 точки.
15 декември 2012 | 16:43

Крайно класиране на Световтата купа по ски-скокове на голяма шанца в Енгелберг:

1. Андреас Кофлер (Австрия) - (131,0 и 136,5 метра) - 272,6 точки
2. Камил Стох (Полша) - (132,5 и 134,0) - 272,5
3. Грегор Шлиренцауер (Австрия) - (132,5 и 134,0) - 272,5
4. Северин Фройнд (Германия) - (133,0 и 132,0) - 265,1
5. Яка Хвала (Словаения) - (136,0 и 129,0) - 261,1
6. Волфганг Лойтцъл (Австрия) - (130,5 и 130,0) - 259,7
7. Андерс Бардал (Норвегия) - (132,0 и 129,0) - 259,4
8. Юри Тепеш (Словения) - (128,5 и 134,0) - 259,1
9. Давид Кубацки (Полша) - (132,0 и 128,5) - 256,2
10. ВЛАДИМИР ЗОГРАФСКИ - (130,5 и 128,5) - 255,

Kofler wins by tiny margin

SKI JUMPING. Austrian Andreas Kofler won the first competition in Engelberg with a great performance especially in the second round. With jumps on 131 m and 136.5 m (272.6 points) Kofler won with the tiny margin of 0.1 points ahead of Kamil Stoch of Poland (132.5 m and 134 m) and his teammate Gregor Schlierenzauer (134 m und 132 m; 268.1 points).

Due to the fact that the whole field was extremely close together after the first round, Kofler  could move up from ninth after the first round to capture the win. "My second jump was perfect at the take-off table, it was my best jump here in Engelberg", Kofler said after the final. "I like this hill and I already won here last year. We'll see what I can achieve on Sunday", Kofler told. His teammates Gregor Schlierenzauer as third and Wolfgang Loitzl as sixth complete the strong result for the Austrian team.

Joy and relieve for the team of coach Lukasz Kruszek

The Polish team escaped their crises from the first three weeks of the season with the second place of Kamil Stoch and the places nine (Dawid Kubacki), 17 (Maciej Kot) and 23 (Krzysztof Mietus). With his convincing performance today Kamil Stoch is now back among the favorites for the upcoming competitions. "I'm very happy about today's result, it was a competition on a high level. I worked hard to get back in a good shape step by step. I didn't expect it will go that well already today."

The German team could not achieve a podium result, but once again they showed depth in their team. Best of the team of head coach Werner Schuster was overall World Cup leader Severin Freund. With his fourth place he could defend the overall lead and can remain calm before tomorrow's competition. Michael Neumayer and Andreas Wellinger finished 11th and 12th, Richard Freitag, who had a bad first jump, was 19th and Karl Geiger 29th.

Slovenian youngster Jaka Hvala is getting better and better. After the first round he was on course to the podium and at the end he came in fifth. The young Slovene might be able to achieve his first ever podium result already on Sunday. But the competitions are on an extremely high level and the results are always very tight. The smallest mistake makes you lose some places. With Jurij Tepes as eighth and Peter Prevc complete the strong team result of the Slovenians.

Best Norwegian was Anders Bardal as seventh. For the Norwegian team it's not yet going as they wish shortly before the 4-Hills-Tournament. There' still some work left for Alex Stoeckl if the jumpers of Norway want to fight for the win at the 4-Hills-Tournament.

Zografski in the Top 10

Vladimir Zografski, the lone jumper from Bulgaria, could achieve his first Top 10 result this season. This result can be estimate really high considering the enormous strength of the field today.

It wasn't such a good day for the Japanese team. Noriaki Kasai was 25th and Taku Takeuchi as 26th are not enough for the athletes of Nippon. There's a new chance already on Sunday to improve these results. That's also the goal for local hero Simon Ammann, who could not qualify for the final round. "It's strange, I have to analyze it now and find out what was the reason. Actually I felt pretty good. I'll definitely try to attack again tomorrow", said Ammann.
15.12.2012 15:43

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