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ISPO. Colors, patterns, lifestyle: The latest snowboarding fashion is inspired by the 1970s, combining the look and lifestyle from back then with the new possibilities opened up by modern technology. The result is premium quality casual pieces that are perfect both for on the slopes and the everyday wardrobe. The all-important heat retention function is largely ensured by a range of coordinated layers and is often provided on the back of clothing. Sustainable materials and environmentally friendly production processes continue to be high on the list of priorities. ISPO MUNICH will take place from February 58, in Munich.

The combination of retro fashion and future trends is the focus of the latest snowboarding styles, which include block stripes, check jackets, and batik patterns. Designers are basing their creations around lurex, metallic shades, and elegant chevron patterns, as can be seen in the Carnival Royale theme from Protest. Maloja's Beyond the Mountains collection is a throwback to the colors, patterns, and stripes of the 1970s, which have been revived in the form of subtle alpine grass and batik prints. Adding a slight shimmer to the finish, Zimtstern brings a touch of glamour to its herringbone design.

Keep Warm and Look Good

Given that it is impossible to spend the day out in the snow without freezing, manufacturers have focused on keeping the wearer warm, offering a perfectly coordinated range ideal for layering. Many of the cuts are longer at the back, while special materials suited to cold days out on the slopes are a key feature. Some of the clever tricks used by Columbia include making the color of the base layers of the fleece a light-absorbing black to store the heat and using silver foil in the lining to keep the heat close to the body. O'Neill has given the name Firewall Magma to its latest technology, which has a thermal structure that retains up to 25 percent more body heat than a standard lining. At the back, neoprene-based technology is used, keeping the body's core particularly warm. Nikita has built a Radiant Heat pocket into the back of some of their jackets and suits, providing space for a heat pack when the temperature drops.

A Range of Options for Layering Up

For some time now, base layers have been seen as fashion items in their own right at the same time providing the functions of keeping warm and wicking away sweat reliably and quickly. They are a popular choice of attire for sitting back and relaxing by the fire after a long day of snowboarding and are also a cool piece of sportswear for a warm summer's day. Their seamless technology allows for full freedom of movement and prevents rubbing, providing a level of comfort so extreme that the layer feels just like a second skin. With built-in reflectors, some base layers also offer a safety feature that is ideal for jogging when it is dark in the evening. This innovation is presented by the Trans-Seasonal collection from O'Neill.

The combination options offered by women's functional clothing brand Kari Traa seem unlimited, with ten lines including purely functional fibers, mixed fabrics and 100 percent merino wool, bright colors and subtle gray, and snowflake patterns and plain designs.

Sustainable Materials

Recycled materials are being used more and more frequently, with a special focus on ensuring that even the production processes create as little pollution as possible. We are seeing a rise in the number of bluesign-certified items on the shelves, including Columbia's OutDry Extreme Eco Down Jacket, which is made from 23 recycled plastic bottles. This jacket is only available in white to avoid wasting water in the dyeing process (90 liters per jacket).

Practical Accessories

When it comes to gloves and mittens, leather, denim, and bright colors are stealing the show. These items are seeing a surge in popularity right noweven among men.

Protectors are built into gloves, rucksacks, and the matching items of clothing, with the length of back protectors being increased to offer better protection for the spine. For pipe and park snowboarders, the new Crash Pants from TSG provide extra protection for knees and elbows, covering the joints and working much like a horseshoe.

The MIPS double-shell system for helmets is the top choice for those looking for the ultimate protection against head injuries. In the event of a collision, the movable layered inner and outer shells provide protection against static and rotational forces in equal measure.

With it being popular to do sport in the evening at the moment, the headlamp holder on the ultra-light "Couloir 2" from Scott makes it an excellent choice. Thin strips of silicone have been added to goggle straps to stop them slipping off the helmet, in a technique used by the likes of TSG, for example.

Manufacturers are starting to add more models for people with smaller faces to their ranges of helmets and goggles. Flexible frames provide added comfort and mean there is less chance of breakage in a case of an accident. Interchangeable lenses are held on with magnets, while large spherical lenses offer a wide field of vision without restrictions.

Steaming up of goggles can be avoided thanks to adjustable lenses, which can be fold out on the cheeks like a big window.

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Friday, 03. February 2017

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