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. световни ски новини : Report of the first stage of the Pierra Menta 2019 - 14 Март 2019 - 00:03

SKI MOUNTAINEERING. This Wednesday took place the 1st stage of the Pierra Menta. With 2460m of positive elevation, the battle between the top two teams was fierce between the French Didier Blanc and Valentin Favre and the Italians Filippo Barazzuol and William Boffelli. The French have taken the lead early in the race, and have struggled to keep it: they won the stage with just 13 seconds in advance ... which promises a great fight for the other days !

The Italians Pietro Lanfranchi and Guido Giacomelli won the third place, 6 minutes behind the winners, followed by another Italian duo, Martin Stoffner / Alex Oberbacher, 11 minutes from the first.

For women, the Franco-Swiss duo Laetitia Roux / Séverine Pont Combe, always in the lead, won an indisputable victory in 3h 28mn 45s ahead of the Italians Martina Valmassoi and Elena Nicolilini. Marianna Jagercikova (Slovakia) and Valentine Favre (France) are third, more than 11 minutes from the first team.

Men Podium of Pierra Menta 2017
1- Didier Blanc (FR) / Valentin Favre (FR) - 2h45mins13s
2- Filippo Barazzulo (IT) / William Boffelli (IT) - 2h45mins26s
3- Pietro Lanfranchi (IT) / Guido Giacomelli (IT) - 2h51mins13s

Women Podium of Pierra Menta 2017
1- Séverine Pont Combe (FR) / Laetitia Roux (CH)- 3h28mins45s
2- Martina Valmassoi (IT) / Elena Nicolini (IT) - 3h35mins04s
3- Jagercikova Marianna (SK) / Valentine Fabre (FR) - 3h40mins08s

Press Release
Pierra Menta
Wed, March 13, 2019

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