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. световни ски новини : Дидие Дефаго скъса предни кръстни връзки на тренировка и най-вероятно пропуска целия сезон - 16 Септември 2010 - 12:47
Джулиано рацоли счупи ръката си, Кале Паландер продължава своята състезателна кариера, Ева-Мария Брем се завръща

АЛПИЙСКИ СКИ. Олимпийският шампион в дисциплината спускане в алпийските ски Дидие Дефаго ще пропусне по-голямата част от настоящия сезон, обявиха от Швейцарската федерация по ски алпийски дисциплини. Причината е контузия, която е получил по време на тренировка за Супер-Г в Цермат, в Швейцарските Алпи. В събота ще му бъде направена операция в Женева, но най-вероятно по-голямата част от сезона вече е загубена. Не е изключено дори скиорът да пропусне цялелия предстоящ състезателен сезон.

"Според предварителните изследвания, става въпрос за скъсани кръстни връзки на лявото коляно" - коментира лекарят на националния отбор на страната в този спорт Ханс Шпринг. Дефаго има три победи в стартове за Световната купа, но най-сериозното му постижение в кариерата си остава златният олимпийски медал в спускането, който той спечели във Ванкувър-2010.

Тази година сезонът при алпийците се открива през месец октомври в Зьолден (Австрия) и завършва в края на февруари в Гармиш-Партенкирхен (Германия).

16 септември 2010

Didier Defago (SUI) suffers a torn ligament

In a crash in today's super G training in Zermatt downhill Olympic champion Didier Défago twisted his left knee and sustained a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament and a sprain of the MCL. This came out during the MRI checkup at the hospital in Sion.

The 32-year-old Didier Défago will be operated on this Saturday by the team doctor Olivier Siegrist in the La Tour Hospital in Geneva. "Based on the present diagnosis Didier Défago is expected to miss the whole season," explained Hans Spring, Chief Medical Team Alpine men.
Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Razzoli broke his forearm

The slalom Olympic champion Giuliano Razzoli (ITA) has to interrupt his preparation for the coming season during three weeks because of a forearm fracture.

The Italian will undergo surgery on Monday in Milan. The 25-year-old was injured in a crash during a traiing run in Argentina Cerro Castor. The first World Cup slalom of the winter will be held on 14th November in Levi (Fi).
Friday, 10 September 2010

Kalle Palander continues career

As reported by Finnish MTV 3, Kalle Palander has decided to continue his racing career following a 15-day training camp on the slopes of Zermatt (SUI). Palander plans to stay in the World Cup even beyond the upcoming season.

After a long break, training on snow required some getting used to but in the end his long-injured leg was reportedly holding up much better.

In an interview with MTV3, Palander stated: "After the early difficulties this was an easy decision: I plan to give it my all and try to come back to the very top. The second training camp went real well already; as if I had not had a ten month break from skiing."

Palander intends to return at the Alpine Opening in Sölden but only wants to fight for the very top ranks.

"Everything must go real well. I do not need places 30-50 or 20-30. Of course I need to be realistic early on, and it is unlikely that I will make the podium or even the top ten initially. But the first races will be extremely important."

Palander admits still dreaming about an Olympic medal. The next Games will be held in Sochi (RUS) in 2014. In the first races 33-year-old Palander expects to be starting with a bib number 27-30 in GS in Sölden and in SL in Levi possibly with a bib number greater than 50. He hopes to finish the season with a GS standings ranking between 7-10 and slalom 15-20.
Original story published by by MTV 3
Saturday, 11 September 2010

Eva-Maria Brem works hard on her comeback

Brem, who already called attention to herself with significant results, is now working on her comeback after having fractured her tibia and fibula this year on April 2 during free skiing. The surgery on her injured leg was conducted by Dr. Christian Fink. The young Tyrolean took up an intensive rehabilitation training program immediately after her operation during the summer months. Now in September Brem was back on snow the first time. Under observation of her coach Günter Obkircher , she made her first turns again in recent days on the Hintertux glacier.

Eva-Maria Brem: "It's a nice feeling to be back on snow. I feel no pain. The first test was very satisfactory. I hope to be up to speed as soon as possible to take up where I left off last season."

Günter Obkircher coach: "Eva Brem's ambition for her comeback is surely very positive. What she showed on her first contact with snow gives rise to optimism. If she continues to get better and improve in the same way she has been, Brem will soon be able to compete on the top level again."
Monday, 6 September 2010

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