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. световни ски новини : Италианецът Симоне Пареди спечели ФИС Световната купа по ролкови ски 2010 - 28 Септември 2010 - 18:34

РОЛКОВИ СКИ. Italian Simone Paredi made it to the top and during the final rollerski World Cup weekend in Greece secured for himself overall victory. On the ladies' side it was Guro Stroem Soli who won with a decisive margin.

Paredi began his road for victory on Saturday by capturing  second place in the Mountain race. Paredi's biggest challenger for overall victory, Norway's Ragnar Bragvin Andresen captured first place in yesterday's sprint but Paredi's fourth spot in that race secured him overall victory. There was nothing but despair for Andressen. "It was not really funny. I am both disappointed, happy and bitter. It is not possible to be closer to victory but it the crystal globe hung high for me this year" said Bragvin Andresen. Another candidate for overall victory Anders Svanebo of Sweden could not say his word to final results as he was invited to train with Swedish national Cross-Country team.

On the ladies' side Guro Stroem Soli secured overall victory for Norway by dominating the Sunday's sprint. Russia's Elena Rodina took overall second place and Hanna Seppas captured third spot.
Monday 27 September 2010

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