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. : Jerry Ahrlin and Seraina Boner superiour at Marcialonga - 30 2011 - 14:04

CROSS COUNTRY SKI, WORLDLOPPET. Swedens Jerry Ahrlin and Seraina Boner of Switzerland shine in Italys Marcialonga.

The start of Marcialonga 70km, photo Newspower Canon

The 33-year old skier from Valadalen and the Swiss athlete from Davos won today the famous 70 km long distance race through the Fiemme and Fassa valleys. They both dominated the race and clearly showed their superiority from the very beginning.

Winner Jerry Ahrlin cross the finish line, photo Newspower Canon

Oskar Svaerd of Sweden and Stanislav Rezac of Czech Republic made it to the podium, while Sandra Hansson (SWE) went for silver in the ladies' race, and Susanne Nystroem secured bronze.

I was in great shape today, Ahrlin said at the end of the race, and I have to thank the skimen and service who did a fantastic job. Its been a pretty perfect day.

Ahrlins perfect Marcialonga started quite soon, when, after a couple of kilometres from the start, he decided to take the lead along with countryman Oskar Svaerd. The Swedish duo kept an amazingly high pace for over 65 kilometres, and the rest of the competitors never kept up with them. Ahrlin and Svaerd reached together the bottom of the Cascata climb. Here the first increased his pace and Svaerd just let him go. Ahrlin eventually clocked 2h4910 and set the new record for the 70 km course in classic technique. The Swede also celebrated his third Marcialonga victory (2007, 2009, 2011).

Switzerlands Seraine Boner jumped in the front of the ladies group from the beginning and nobody ever challenged her. The Swiss eventually grabbed the gold medal and her first ever Marcialonga title. She is the first Swiss to win the Italian ski marathon, and today she also set a new record of 3h1507.

Winners Jerry Ahrlin and Seraina Boner, photo Newspower Canon

Bronze medallist Rezac was the quickest to climb the 2,8 km Cascata stretch, and won the One Way Finish Climb award, as Italys Sabina Valbusa did in the female race.

The 45 km light race was won by Italys Antonella Confortola and Andrea Zattoni.

Racers on the start of Marcialonga 70km, photo Newspower Canon

Over 6,500 skiers took part in todays race (the entries were 7200), the 38th edition of the Marcialonga, and the last athletes are expected to cross the finish line tonight. The very last competitor will receive the same floral wreath as the winner did in the morning. Cause this is the spirit of the Italian event, everyone gets awarded, as Marcialonga belongs to everyone.
Sunday 30 January 2011

Marcialonga 70 km


1) Jerry Ahrlin (SWE) 2:49.10,1
2) Oskar Svaerd (SWE) 2:49.38,0
3) Stanislav Rezac (CZE) 2:50.38,0
4) Toni Livers (SUI) 2:50.48,9
5) Jorgen Aukland (NOR)  2:51.01,2
6) Joergen Brink (SWE) 2:51.06,2
7) Svein Tore Sinnes (NOR) 2:51.27,9
8) Anders Aukland (NOR) 2:51.39,4
9) Rikard Andreasson (SWE) 2:51.49,8
10) Kjetil HagtvedtDammen (NOR) 2:52.13,8


1) Seraina Boner  (SUI) 3:15.07,1
2) Sandra Hansson  (SUI) 3:16.26,3
3) Susanne Nystroem (SWE)  3:16.58,8
4) Jenny Hansson  (SUI) 3:22.20,5;
5) Sabina Valbusa  ITA 3:26.53,8;
6) Nina Lintzen  (SWE) 3:31.24,1;
7) Sara Svendsen  (NOR) 3:31.28,2;
8) Astrid Ruud  (NOR) 3:23.09,7;
9) Ellen Grepperud  (NOR) 3:26.41,7;
10) Hege Skari  (NOR) 3:26.57,6

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