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. световни ски новини : Девет кандидата за домакини на Световните първенства на ФИС през 2016 и 2017 г. - 03 Май 2011 - 16:57

Общо девет курорта са подали своите кандидатури за домакини на Световните първенства по ски и сноуборд през 2016 и 2017 г.

Сейнт Мориц (Швейцария) и Кортина д`Ампецо (Италия) се включиха в борбата за шампионата по ски алпийски дисицплини през 2017 г. Преди тях желание да организират надпреварата бяха обявили от Аре (Швеция).

За Световното по ски северни дисциплини през 2017-та ще се борят Лахти (Финландия), Оберсдорф (Германия), Планица (Словения) и Закопане (Полша).

За домакин на Световното по ски полети през 2016 г. има само един кандидат - Кулм (Австрия).

Също единствена е кандидатурата на Сиера Невада (Испания) за домакин на Световното първенство по фрийстайл и сноуборд през 2017-та.

Международната федерация по ски ще определи домакините на Световните първенства на своя редовен конгрес следващата година в Гангвон, Република Корея.

Nine applications for 2016-2017 FIS World Championships

FIS is pleased to announce the receipt of a total of nine applications to be Candidates for the organization of FIS World Championships in 2016 and 2017. By the May 1st 2011 deadline, nine applicants submitted their candidacies as follows:

• One application for the 2016 FIS Ski Flying World Championships submitted by Kulm (AUT)

• Three applications for the 2017 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships submitted by Ǻre (SWE), Cortina d'Ampezzo (ITA), and St. Moritz (SUI)

• Four applications for the 2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships submitted Lahti (FIN), Oberstdorf (GER), Planica (SLO) and Zakopane (POL)

• One application for combined 2017 FIS Freestyle and Snowboard World Championships submitted by Sierra Nevada (SPA)

"Just weeks after the successful 2011 editions, FIS is happy to witness the continuing interest for the organization of the FIS World Championships. This high number of applications by several nations and world's premium resorts underlines their importance in the global sports calendar," commented FIS President Gian Franco Kasper.

Election on 31st May 2012

The FIS Council will elect the organizers of the 2016/2017 FIS World Championships during the 2012 Congress week in Gangwon Province (KOR) on 31st May 2012. Prior to that, each Candidate, together with its National Ski Association, will prepare its detailed concept by 1st September 2011 based on a specific FIS Questionnaire, containing details such as plans for sports organization, accommodation, transportation, logistics, security, media, communications, marketing, ceremonies, the environment, spectator services and fan experience.

The FIS Inspection Group members will review the project in detail together with the Candidate during this phase and meet with them during the FIS Technical Committee Meetings in October 2011. Thereafter each Candidate will finalize its documentation relating to the concept for the project.

During the 48th International Ski Congress week, each Candidate will have a chance to make a final presentation to the FIS Council as well as the respective Technical Committees. They will also be able to present their candidatures to the extended FIS family and discuss their plans at dedicated exhibition stands at the 2012 FIS Congress venue.

Registration fees support the sport's global development

Each Candidate is subject to paying a non-refundable registration fee and providing training days. These are used to finance an extensive FIS Aid & Promotion program for developing ski nations. For the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, the registration fee for each candidature is CHF 400'000 with 200 training days, for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, it is CHF 150'000 and 200 training days. For the Freestyle and Snowboard Championships the registration fee is set at CHF 175'000 with 200 training days and for the FIS Ski Flying Championships the registration fee is CHF 100'000 with no training days.

For a second consecutive candidature, candidates are entitled to a 25 % reduction in the registration fee and, for the third and further consecutive candidacies, a 50 % reduction is granted. The training days are typically valued at a theoretical rate of CHF 100/day.

FIS news
Oberhofen, 3rd May 2011

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