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. световни ски новини : Roman Furger (SUI) and Faivre Anouk Picon (FRA) won Engadin 2012 - 12 Март 2012 - 17:26

CROSS COUNTRY SKI, MARATHON. Double victory for Switzerland at Engadin Ski Marathon. Roman Furger claimed victory in 1:31.21,1 ahead of Curdin Perl. Christian Zorzi finished third. On the ladies' side Anouk Faivre Picon romped to victory in the time of 1:36.28,4. Seriana Boner conquers the runner up position and Natascha Leonardi-Cortesi finished third.

Winter was back during the 44th edition of the Engadin Skimarathon! After the warm temperatures last week, and even +7 degrees in Oslo (NOR) during the 50km classic race this weekend on the famous Holmenkollen, the -6°C at the start on the lake in Maloja (1820m) felt pretty chilly. After cold nights and some fresh snow on Monday, the conditions for this 44th edition of the Engadin Skimarathon were perfect.

The lakes had at least 40cm of ice on which a wide track was perfectly groomed for the more than 10.000 starters. Having passed the first sprint in St.Moritz, the field settled in and soon a group of 30 to 50 racers became the leading pack. At La Punt, it was the French Louis Deschamps who tried to break away but was caught only some kilometres away from the finish. He had to pay for his attack and finished 33rd in the end. Even though the record time of 1h24min was not reached, this year's race was pretty fast. After 1h31min21sec, the winner was crowned! However, it was a close match between Roman Furger (SUI), who finally had some centimetres advantage, and his colleague and local hero Curdin Perl (SUI). Third became Cristian Zorzi from Italy, who could climb on the podium for the first time this season.

Not long after the men did the first women come into the finish. Leading already several times during the race but having been interrupted by a broken pole, Anouk Faivre-Picon (FRA) could finally make her move and finish first in front of the two Swiss girls Seraina Boner from Davos and Natascia Leonardi Cortesi. Perfect sunshine followed the racers the 42km from Maloja to S-chanf. Only after the first were in the finish, the clouds came in, however leaving always some wholes for the sun to shine on the racers who were still on the track.

Roman Furger (SUI)

It's unbelievable! I still haven't realised it! I really won the Engadin Skimarathon!! It's a dream since I was a child as the Engadin Skimarathon is THE race for a Suisse to win, that's for sure! From St.Moritz on I even didn't feel very well and I had heavy legs. So I just stayed behind some guys and tried to recover. That worked pretty well and since I was still in the leading group I thought I will then also have to push as there might be a good place for me still. But I never thought that I could win!!! The way to the finish was very long...and hard since the wind blew pretty heavy. Curdin fought pretty hard, too and I was just lucky to get my binding over the finish line first. Well, I am just so happy!!

Curdin Perl (SUI)

I didn't feel good at all at the start. I abandoned the 50km classic at Holmenkollen yesterday because I just couldn't go any further. After the long trip here, I would not have put 5 Euros on me and a podium place today!!! But somehow I felt better and better during the race, however, my head was still not sure about the whole thing. Only in the stadium I thought that a podium was maybe possible. . The Engadin Skimarathon is always a very special race. If you ski thoughtfully, you can save a lot of energy and might be able to finish on a very nice spot! As my season didn't go as planned, I am happy to finish it now on a good note!

Cristian Zorzi (ITA)

I am very happy and satisfied! To be back on the podium is great! It's the first one for me this season, so it feels very good!! We were a large group until the end and I didn't think that I would be able to make it to the podium but suddenly I found myself just behind the two Swiss guys and here we go...I was third!

Anouk Faivre-Picon (FRA)

I am soooo happy!! For sure, I came here to win – if you start somewhere not wanting to win, there is something wrong. But you cannot plan a victory! I broke a pole just after the first big lake but luckily I got a new one straight away as I was on the side of the pack. This victory was surely very important for me and will definitely stay in my memories for ever! I really like skating races and the Engadin Skimarathon is a special race with a special race track. When I saw the track yesterday when driving by by car, it looked so long, but today, I was in St.Moritz before I even realised it. The hard bit came around 5km before the finish when the other girls were suddenly pretty close and I had to push really hard! But the victory pays for all efforts!!!

Seraina Boner (SUI)

The speed of the race was not very high during most of the race, therefore we girls were in a huge group with a lot of men and you had to be focused all the time. You had no time to relax as you had the react immediately when a racer before you did a move you did not expect. Before the finish we were five girls, but with all the men around, a real finish sprint was very difficult. Therefore I am happy about my second place. I was pretty tired at the beginning of the week as the Vasaloppet was pretty exhausting, but now I felt good again and ready to attack. I am now looking forward to the Birkebeinerrennet next week.

Natascia Leonardi Cortesi (SUI)

I am very happy with my third place. Sure, when you have won the Engadin Skimarathon already, you want to win it again, but one race is never as the other and so I am very satisfied. It was hard as with the wind, the whole group stayed together and with all the men around, it was sometimes not easy to race. I fought hard on the last metres and was lucky to win the photo finish against Stephanie Santer!

Christina Fritz
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Sunday 11 March 2012

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