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. world ski news : Report of the second stage of the Pierra Menta 2019 - 14 March 2019 - 22:25

SKI MOUNTAINEERING. his morning, the teams started in a beautiful layer of fresh snow for a stage of 2700m of positive elevation. The runners started by crossing, as every year, the village of Arêches-Beaufort on foot : a race of one kilometer acclaimed by all the spectators who had released banners and bells to encourage runners !

Wind and white day accompanied the runners throughout the stage, making the race even more "tricky". A very technical and challenging stage, with many manipulations "dépeautage" : it is also one of the longest stages of the history of the Pierra Menta... The winners, Yoann Sert (France) and Filippo Beccari (Italy) took more than 3h30 to finish the race !

Men Podium of Pierra Menta 2019
1- Yoann Sert (FR) / Filippo Beccari (FR) - 3h33mins54s
2- Filippo Barazzuol (IT) / William Boffelli (IT) - 3h35mins47s
3- Didier Blanc (FR) / Valentin Favre (FR) - 3h36mins17s

Classement général provisoire
1- Filippo Barazzuol (IT) / William Boffelli (IT) 6h21mins13
2- Didier Blanc (FR) / Valentin Favre (FR) - 6h21mins30s
3- Yoann Sert (FR) / Filippo Beccari (FR) - 6h33mins40s

Women Podium of Pierra Menta 2019
1- Séverine Pont Combe (FR) / Laetitia Roux (CH)- 4h19mins16s
2- Martina Valmassoi (IT) / Elena Nicolini (IT) - 4h33mins20s
3- Malene Blikken Haukoy (NO) / Veronika Mayerhoffer (AT) - 4h42mins29s

Classement général provisoire
1- Séverine Pont Combe (FR) / Laetitia Roux (CH) - 7h48min01s
2- Martina Valmassoi (IT) / Elena Nicolini (IT) 8h08mins24s
3- Marianna Jagercikova (SK) / Valentine Fabre (FR) - 8h25mins02s

Press Release
Pierra Menta 2019
Thu, March 14, 2019

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