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WORLD SNOW DAY. The 8th edition of World Snow Day took place on 20th January 2019 with more than 276’000 participants exploring, enjoying and experiencing snow at 464 events in 46 countries. Event Organisers included ski and snowboard resorts, National Ski Associations, private event companies, ski and snowboard clubs, ski and snowboard schools, manufacturers and retailers.

Among the organizers again was the Bulgarian professional skiing and lifestyle media SKI.BG, which organized in capital Sofia many sport activities in the snow in honor of the World Snow Day for the eighth consecutive year.

The 2019 edition of World Snow Day also the introduction of new partner Atomic Skis. The partnerships focused on the fans of the project by providing a giveaway of a set of skis for a whole family. For the Organisers, World Snow Day also increased the offering for the Organiser Care Packages. As well as increasing the amount of items in the package the quantities of each package was also increased.

Each year World Snow Day releases the Final Report with the aim of giving interested parties are more detailed look at the results of the event. It is a great pleasure for us that our unique photo made during the World Snow Day Sofia 2019 with our cross-country skiing champion Veselin Tsinzov and his young schoolgirl was chosen to create the WSD mood and introduce the audience at the beginning of the FIS report.

For World Snow Day 2019 the achievements were exceptional. Amongst them:

• 1 day around the world
• 4 nationwide events
• 8 events in the southern hemisphere
• 7.8% growth in social media
• 9 global partners: Atomic Skiing, Best of the Alps, Eurosport, European Broadcasting Union, Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry, Infront Sports and Media, MND Group, Protect Our Winters and SKADI App.
• 11 events in major cities
• 45 participating countries
• 123 events in one country
• 464 events in total
• 4’003 world Snow Day events over eight editions.
• More than 114’556 YouTube video views.
• Over 240’000 visitors to
• Over 270’000 event participants.
• More than 315’000 participants in the 8th Edition of World Snow Day!
• Over 20 million people reached on social media since World Snow Day 2018.

As well as this, World Snow Day has already achieved two of its five current goals. They are:

1. Environment
Goal: To have had 50 events with environmental activities inside their event programme.
Result: Up to now, 74 World Snow Day events took advantage of the POW7 and promoted protection and action to conserve the natural environment.

2. Safety:
Goal: To have had 50 events with safety activities inside their event programme.
Result: 61 event Organisers used the newly created “SnowKidz Safety Animations” to promote safety to event participants.

FIS would like to extend another congratulations to all the Organisers, fans, partners and participants. Without your hard work, support and contributions World Snow Day would be the success it is today.

The full 2019 World Snow Day Final Report can be viewed online and downloaded at

FIS World Snow Day
17 April 2019

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