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WORLD SNOW DAY. The jubilee feast WORLD SNOW DAY SOFIA 2021 by SKI.BG, organized by the Bulgarian professional media for skiing, winter and outdoor sports, lifestyle and industry WWW.SKI.BG and WWW.BACKCOUNTRY.BG with the support of the Marathon Association ( and Alexander Logistics Vitosha Sport Training Base took place on Sunday in Vitosha Mountain on the cross-country ski track Salzitsa near the "Alexander Logistics" Ski Club base and was extremely successful once again.

The skiing and cross-country skiing was again the main theme of this year's celebration dedicated to snow, focused on fun and snow sports, especially for children. Throughout the day, until dusk, dozens of children and many of their parents came to the ski slope and free of charge tried literally for the first time how to go skiing and how to use cross-country skis, made their first steps in this extremely pleasant and useful sport, got excited about it and certainly many of them will continue to enjoy it.

Of course, there were open workouts for already advanced skiers, attractive ski demonstrations, sledding, riding snow scooters, snowball fights and much more fun and games in the snow for young and old all the day from morning till dark.

Free skiing equipment was available for all comers, provided by Alexander Logistics Sport Training Base, but the most valuable were the free of charge advices and training lessons that children and adults received from skiing professionals Petar Pankov and Veselin Tsinzov.

WORLD SNOW DAY SOFIA by SKI.BG once again was joined with great enthusiasm by Veselin Tsinzov - multiple Balkan and National cross-country skiing champion, who presented our country with dignity at the 2010, 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics, as well as the legendary Petar Pankov - national cross-country ski racer, participant in the Grenoble Winter Olympics in 1968, Sapporo 1972 and Innsbruck 1976, the only Bulgarian participant in the world-famous Vasalopet ski marathon, 14-time champion of Bulgaria and 9-time Balkan champion, national coach, sports director and longtime ski figure. The two shared their invaluable experience with anyone wishing to try cross-country skiing.

The stormy wind in the high parts of the mountain on Sunday did not interfere with the celebration of the snow, which took place on the training ski slope Salzitsa, nestled at the beginning of the forest, and throughout the day the mood of those present remained great, especially the children!

All participants received a special FIS World Snow Day scarf as a gift.

For the 10th consecutive year, the city of Sofia joined the FIS global initiative, but due to the full lack of snow in the capital, the event took place in the nearby Vitosha Mountain, and due to very bad weather conditions with unusually icy temperatures in the range -20C to -30C in the mountains the previous Sunday, January 17th, the holiday in Sofia was scheduled for the following Sunday.

According to the preliminary program of SKI.BG, the Sunday snow holiday in Vitosha started around 11:00 am and although it was planned to be until 3:00 pm, it continued until much later, because even at dusk there were a people still wanted to ride on the ski slope. In fact, there were people on the track from early morning until dark in the evening, which confirms that there is a big interest in cross-country skiing in Bulgaria!

Many children passing casually with their parents stopped by to try a cross-country skiing at Salzitsa ski track during the day, and others came specifically. The red tent and FIS World Snow Day flags, the colorful ads, the delicious sweets and juices provided by the organizers, and the enjoyable music background provided by JBL technique, made the holiday even more enjoyable for everyone. For those wishing to try cross-country skis on this holiday, which did not have personal equipment, such was provided completely free of charge by Veselin Tsinzov and his wardrobe at the Alexander Logistics Vitosha Sports Base, as well as by Petar Pankov from the Marathon Association. But most important to the recruits was the invaluable personal advice, guidance and assistance from the two mentioned eminent professionals.

Fully in line with the concept of the FIS World Snow Day, the greatest thing about it was that dozens of children, including just 4-5-year-olds, took part in the outdoor skiing lessons, many of whom literally tried this wonderful sport for the first time and were captivated by it. They were all happy and contented from the contact with the nature and to sport outdoors. All the kids had fun in the snow, all the kids enjoyed the snow and on goodbye all the kids said they would try it again! Even because of this fact, WORLD SNOW DAY SOFIA 2021 by SKI.BG was successful once again!

The WORLD SNOW DAY SOFIA 2021 by SKI.BG is organized by the Bulgarian professional media for skiing, winter and outdoor sports, lifestyle and industry WWW.SKI.BG and WWW.BACKCOUNTRY.BG, "Alexander Logistics" Vitosha Sport Base and Marathon Association ( and with the support of SIVEN, Bryzos, JBL, AKG, Armada Skis Bulgaria, Dragon and Board Shop.

SKI.BG especially thanks once again to Mr. Petar Pankov and Mr. Veselin Tsinzov for their unreserved support in organizing and holding the World Snow Day SOFIA 2021. Many thanks to FIS and World Snow Day, thanks to our partners SIVEN, Bryzos, JBL, AKG, Armada Skis Bulgaria, Dragon and Board Shop, and we would like to thank all the other volunteers who participated in the initiative.

WORLD SNOW DAY is an initiative of the International Ski Federation (FIS) and aims to bring children between the ages of 4 and 14, together with their families, out into the nature, on the snow and ski slopes, within one day, filled with fun, various adventures and snow competitions.

For the 10th consecutive year on the occasion of World Snow Day, WWW.SKI.BG calls on all children and parents, young people and their grandparents to forget the dissensions, to take alpine or cross-country skis, boards, sledges or other winter equipment and wherever they have, to go outside in the park, in the neighborhood garden, in front of the home or somewhere further out in nature. Let all together go outdoors and enjoy and entertain the endless snow!

24th of January, 2021
photo Vladislav Georgiev / WWW.SKI.BG

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