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. world ski news : Ice Music Festival in Geilo aesthetics, music and nature together - 26 January 2010 - 11:26
29-30 of January, 2010

The IceMusic Festival is a unique, artistic and musical project which is arranged every new year at the first full moon. This festival is an ovation to the nature, and to one of the most important recourses in the world - water. Frozen water.

The festival focuses on creativity. The stage and venue is built exclusively by snow and ice. All the instruments are made of ice from the local area.

The festival is arranged near Geilotjødnet (a small lake) at Kikut, Geilo. All premises are made by the nature, and with a majestic mountain landscape as it's surrounding scenery.

5th Icemusicfestival in Geilo

Our festival is the original and only IceMusic Festival in the world. Our expression and our ideas are unique and the artists of 2010 are the best of the best.

Festival Ticket includes both concerts and gives free acces to the venue. Price: 400,- NOK pr. person.
Price pr. concert is 300,- NOK pr person.
NB! All Geilo Kort holders gets the the festival ticket to a discount price, 300,- NOK pr. person.

Friday 29th of January at 20:00

Sidsel Walstad, Ice harp
Helene Bøksle, vocal

You might remember the wonderful music and mood of this duo created at the IceMusicFestival in 2009.
Bill Covitz had designed the world's first ice harp. The expectations were high before the concert, and it turned out that the harp worked perfectly!
For this year's festival Bill will make a new ice harp, bigger, with more strings and new opportunities. We can hardly wait to see the result!

Sidsel is solo harpist in Radio Orchestra, and she often performs with singer Sissel Kyrkjebø.
Helene Bøksle has released two solo albums and has an international contract with Universal Music.

Saturday 30th of January at 24:00
Full Moon Concert!

Terje Isungset, Ice percussion, iceophone, ice horn and ice dingles.
Lena Nymark, song
Sidsel Walstad, Ice harp

These three musicians will perform the music from "Winter Songs", Isungset's new CD (release the same evening). The CD contains a handful of tunes inspired by Norwegian nature. Meditative, flowing and beautiful. As always Terje Isungset builds a completely new instrument for the concert at Geilo. How this year's Geilo ice sounds, we will learn at midnight.

The venue for IceMusicFestival has a new and unique design every year.

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