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. world ski news : Di Centa steals victory from Cottrer, Kalla shines in Canmore - 06 February 2010 - 09:53

In the men's race, Olympic Champion Giorgio Di Centa (ITA) took his first ever World Cup victory. The 37-year-old top athlete finished the race, which took place under great weather conditions, in a time of 34:08.0min. The runner up in this race was his team mate Pietro Piller Cottrer with a time gap of 5,1 seconds to Di Centa. Dario Cologna from Switzerland was ranked third, 11,9 seconds behind the winner.

Di Centa started like Kalla not in full speed into the race but took over the lead on the last kilometres. Pietro Piller Cottrer, who was always very good in Canmore, were in the first 10 kilometres in the lead before Di Centa took it over.

In the overall World Cup ranking, Petter Northug (NOR, 1060 points) is still in the lead ahead of Lukas Bauer (CZE, 763 points). Dario Cologna (SUI, 675 points) moved up with his today's podium spot to the third place in this ranking. In the distance World Cup ranking, Northug is ahead of Markus Hellner and Lukas Bauer.

Giorgio Di Centa (ITA)
I'm just happy. It is my first World Cup victory ever in my career. I was here in Canmore always strong and be satisfied that I could take today with 37 years the victory. I tried to start not to fast as I was in altitude training before and if you are start then to fast you have not too much power for the finish. So my tactic was to take the first lap a bit easy. At the Olympics, it is planned that I compete in the 15 km, the Pursuit, the 50 km as the Olympic Champion and maybe the relay if my coaches are announcing me for that.

Pietro Piller Cottrer (ITA)
I should move with my family to Canmore. I was always very good here and had great results and a victory. I like the landscape, the mountains, the courses and the people. Today I had rockets under my shoes - the ski's were just amazing and I have to say thank you for that to my technicians. I had always a good feeling during the race but at the end Giorgio beat me. I'm very happy to be with Giorgio on the podium and that he took his first World Cup victory today - this is awesome.

Dario Cologna (SUI)
I tried to get not too fast into the race. We had a tough training in the last three weeks, first in the Engadin and than here in Canmore and after such trainings you have to be careful with the race speed at the beginning. But I felt well during the race and be satisfied with my podium spot. It is a good sign for the Olympics and gives self confidence.
Friday 5 February 2010

Kalla shines in Canmore

Kalla took her victory in the 10 km individual start race on the demanding course in the Canmore Nordic Centre in a time of 25:00.6min. The young Swedish athlete was 9,7 seconds faster than World Cup leader Justyna Kowalcyzk from Poland. On third place finished Davos-winner Irina Khazova from Russia, 16,5 seconds behind the winner.

Kalla, who won her first season victory, started into the race with not too much pace but increased her speed towards the end. She was after 2,7 km on third place but then made it on the last 2 km to the first place. Justyna Kowalczyk had another tactic and started full gas - she was until the last kilometres always in the lead.

In the overall World Cup ranking, Justyna Kowalczyk is leading the ranking with 1495 points while Petra Majdic (SLO), who finished on 13th position today, has 1167 points and is currently second. On third place is Aino-Kaisa Saarinen from Finland. In the distance World Cup overall ranking the same athletes are in the lead.

Charlotte Kalla (SWE)
It was a great race today. I am so happy as this is my first season victory in the World Cup. Canmore and the tracks here are so nice, it is my first time here but I like it very much. We made our last preparations for the Olympics after this weekend at Mount Washington before going to the Olympics.

Justyna Kowalcyzk (POL)
This course is made for me. I like it very much - it is tough and hard but this is good for me. I was here in Canmore for the preparations in the past 1,5 weeks and I am satisfied with my race today. I started fast and at the end Charlotte was even faster.

Irina Khazova (RUS)
Also for me the course is great. The long uphill's here I like very much. I'm satisfied with my preparations so far and happy to be able to finish today on the podium.
Friday 5 February 2010

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