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. world ski news : Ski sports in schools at focus of FIS Youth Seminar - 30 September 2010 - 16:13

FIS. It was the 8th FIS Youth and Children's Seminar that opened the FIS Autumn Meetings in Zürich this week, on Wednesday 29th September. 77 participants from 41 nations had a busy day discussing various strategies for including and strengthening ski sports as part of the school curriculum. The guest speakers included Stefan Künzell from the University of the German Federal Army in Neubiberg; Gagik Sargsyan, Secretary General of Armenian Ski Association; Lorenz Ursprung from the Federal Office of Sports in Switzerland; and Charlotta Bürger Bäckström from the IVSS Sweden, the International Association Snowsports at Schools and Universities.

Josef Zenhäusern, FIS Consultant for Aid & Promotion, commented: "We had an excellent seminar with well-versed speakers who could present many arguments and courses of action for convincing the regional and national governments about including ski sports as part of school curriculum. The practical examples also highlighted the ways of promoting our sports and addressing practical problems such as teaching the teachers, securing financing and obtaining equipment. There are different issues in different countries, related to national legal framework for example, but based on the enthusiastic discussion, I am sure the participants were left with many actionable ideas from today's seminar."

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