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. bg ski news : Video interview with the Hungarian wake star Kanga during pirates attack over the fountains of NDK - 07 October 2010 - 17:08

WAKEBOARDING --SKI.BG-- We inform you about surprise pirate wakeboarding attack over emblematic fountains in front of National Palace of Culture in Sofia! In the commotion, but to capture what is happening, the team SKI.BG managed to talk with a "master" of "attackers" - Hungarian wakeboarding star Kinga Horvath- Red Bull PRO rider, winner of numerous international awards, including vice-world champion, European champion, first in the CWWC world ranking, second in WWA Park world series, etc., etc. Interesting video interview with Kanga, especially for SKI.BG, coming next !

EXTENDED INTERVIEW with KINGA HORVATH will be published in the next issue of SKI&BOARD magazine !

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